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Weekend Ride in Maramures

3 May , 2016  

2 day tour

Period: 19-20 June

Difficulty: medium

What is included

  • Accommodation ( 1 night )
  • 4 meals (dinner and breakfast at locals in Breb and twice sandwiches on the road)
  • Guidance (English speaking guide)
  • Transfer from Cluj-Napoca to Baia Mare (Suior) and back

What is not included

  • Travel insurance
  • Mountain bike (12 euros/day, lights and safety vest included)
  • Helmet rental (3 euros/day although we recommend to bring your own)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Other personal expenses

Price: 90 euros/person

National Geographic Traveler lists Maramures as one of the top destinations.  The Telegraph published an article called ‘Romania: Maramures is a rural fairytail’. This unique part of Romania got a lot of attention in the last few years. And it surely deserves all this attention because it is a pretty special place. The hystoric county of Maramures is renowned for its 17 and 18th century wooden churches and wooden gates and for its incredibly well preserved villages and rural lifestyle. Although most people have cell phones and you’ll probably see some cars, in some villages the old way of life is still present and can be seen in every aspect of the day to day life. People still wear their traditional clothing on Sundays, they plough their fields with the use of animals and carry their hay and supplies with horse drawn carts. And the best place to experience all af these is the village of Breb which is our destination on this weekend tour.




Bodi lake is like a huge swimming pool in the middle of the forest with clean mountain water and a breathtaking view. Beside swimming, if you want to switch from your mountain bike to a water bike you can rent them for a while and pedal on the lake.

Creasta Cocosului is a spectacular formation part of the crater of a volcano situated in the Gutai mountains at an altitude of 1428 meters. Translated Creasta Cocosului means Rooster’s Crest. Up on the crest you can get a beautiful panorama of Maramures county. It is part of a reservation and it is a protected area since 2000.


Breb is a 500 house community situated at the foot of Gutai Mountain. ‘Stepping back in time’ would be the best way to describe the feeling that you get when visiting this little farm village. It is a stunning example of the preservation of the old way of life.



The first day (32 km of which 14,5 paved; ascent: 660m; descent: 840m)

The starting point is the city of Cluj-Napoca (it is possible to start from Baia Mare as well) where we’ll be boarding the minibus at eight o’clock. Our destination is the Bodi Lake which is aproximately a three hour drive from Cluj-Napoca. While we’ll be unloading the bikes you will have a short snack by the lake. Right before noon we start riding with a small downhill ride (1 km) followed by the climb towards Cresta Cocosului.

The route is along the red C cycle path and it is rated as hard. But one shouldn’t get discouraged by the rating because it’s absolutely doable for the average cyclist in half a day. We’ll be following the road to Suior mine (2 km). It is paved with concrete blocks. The next 15,5 kilometers are truly the ones where we will need our mountain bikes the most. We’ll be pedaling on a dirt road with some difficult parts with gravel and bigger rocks. Also there are a few difficult slopes but there is no shame in pushing our bikes. We’ll be climbing 3 kilometers from the mine to Poiana Boului (Ox Meadow). We’ll make one stop on the way for refilling with fresh spring water. By this time will be very close to Creasta Cocosului, a spectacular formation part of the crater of a volcano situated in the Gutai mountains at an altitude of 1428 meters. We’ll eat our sandwich and optionally we’ll go for a hike on the Crest but we’ll have to leave our bikes behind (probably for 2 hours).  The next 12 kilometers are a succession of climbs and descents with beautiful panoramas and forest roads.

We’ll be leaving the Crest to the South and finally get to road DJ109F which is a paved road with medium to low traffic. We’ll be pedalling 11,5 kilometers down to Breb passing through the village of Budesti in an awesome scenery. In Breb our hosts will be waiting for us and after we settle in we’ll have a traditional dinner cooked by the locals.

The second day (55 km of which 40 paved; ascent: 750m; descent: 1050m)

This track is a beautiful cycling route for returning from historic Maramures to the county seat Baia Mare. The climb follows the valley of the Runcu river on which a dam is being built.

After breakfast and a tour of the village, we’ll be following a paved road to Harnicesti (6 km). The views will be breathtaking (in our opinion at least). We will then enter the main road that leads to Baia Mare through the Gutai Pass. We’ll be riding through the villages of Desesti and Mara. The road is very good but the traffic will be quite high. The good news is that after only 5,2 kilometers we’ll take a right and start climbing on the Runcu Valley. The road is pretty good. The concrete pavement alterantes with patches of dirt road. There are 9 kilometers of road slightly sloping towards the dam. After passing the dam the road worsens but is still ridable by the average cyclist. Somewhere on the road we’ll stop to have the much deserved lunch. There are 9,6 kilometers until the paved road. After reaching the main road that connects Baia Mare and Izvoare resort we’ll be descending pretty fast to Baia Mare. There are 24,3 kilometers of pretty good asphalt, this being our favourite paved descent in the area. After reaching Baia Mare we’ll board the bus and travel back to Cluj-Napoca.

*This film has been produced by CJIT MaramureşInfoTurism within ACCESS2MOUNTAIN international project. Financed by South-East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme.

If you wish to book this tour or have any questions don’t hesitate to send an email or call.


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