Bikes & Gear

 Our bikes

Our bikes: Focus Highland peak 2012 and Focus Donna 2012 mountainbikes (framesize from S to L).

If you are joined at the hip with your bike you can surely bring it along but you should make sure it’s in good condition as we only carry spare parts for our bikes (we might not have the parts you need; not to worry though, your guide is also a bicycle mechanic).

Our van

Ford Transit 17 seater. We’ll be using it for airport pickups, transfers, luggage carrying and road assistance.

Why travel by bike?

  • Because you can
  • Because it’s fun
  • Because it’s healthy
  • Because you can stop for cranberries
  • Because it clears your mind
  • Because the journey is just as important as the destination
  • Because it gives you a sense of freedom
  • Because after pedalling one day you get the best sleep ever
  • Because a bike runs on fat and saves you money and car runs on money and makes you fat
  • Because it strips back life to it’s essentials
  • Because there are a hundred more reasons to travel by bike 🙂

Things you should bring

  • helmet (we recommend you to bring you own helemet but if you don’t than we can lend you one)
  • raincoat, windbreaker and warm clothing (as expected, during a bicycle tour we are at the mercy of the weather; better safe than sorry)
  • if you usually use SPDs’ and you are taking one of our bikes please bring your pedals

Training for your bicycle tour

If you don’t usually ride a bike than we recommend for you to train for a while before taking up one of our tours. The level of enjoyment is closely related to your physical condition. When booking a tour make sure that you are suited for its level of difficulty.

You should consider the fact that we’ll be biking every day (in the standard tours) and you should prepare your bottom by ridding at least a couple of times per week before starting the tour. This will help you a void the problem of a sore bottom.

We rate our cycling tours according to three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. Before choosing one of the tours you should determine which is the level that suits you best.

Levels of difficulty


Tours described as easy are suitable for people who don’t cycle too much and are capable of pedaling at a relaxed pace without too much effort. Riding distances are under 30 km per day and require 3 to 5 hours of pedaling. The terrain is usually pretty flat giving the opportunity to enjoy the trip at a leisurely pace.


Tours described as medium are for cyclists who appreciate the occasionally hill climb and are capable of pedaling 50-70 kilometers per day. These tours usually consist of a few challenging climbs always followed by a reward in the form of a nice location or panorama where you can rest and enjoy the view.


Tours rated as hard may be longer (70-100 km per day) or consisting of long/difficult climbs. These are for the more experienced cyclists who take pleasure in demanding climbs and more technical descents thus increasing their heart rate. The pace of these tours is obviously higher and may require 6 to 9 hours of ride time.