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Banffy Castle in Bontida and the Reed beds in Sic

10 Mar , 2015  

This tour is the perfect one day getaway from the busy city of Cluj-Napoca. While biking through the beautiful scenery of rural Transylvania we’ll have two main objectives besides having a good time pedaling in the outdoors. We’ll be visiting the Reed beds of Sic and the Banffy Castle in Bontida.


1 day tour

difficulty: medium

What is included

  • Mountain bike
  • Guidance (English speaking guide)
  • Transfer from Cluj-Napoca to Apahida and back

What is not included

  • Entrance fees
  • Helmet rental
  • Travel insurance
The tour starts at 9:00 am and by 19:00 we’ll be back in Cluj-Napoca.

Price: 40 euros/person (The price is applicable for a group of minimum 5.)


Known as Transylvania’s Delta, the second largest expanse of reed in Romania is part of the Natura 2000 sites. It is located near the village of Sic which has the highest percent of hungarian residents in the country, 96%. The reed beds are home to a number of rare species of birds like the Marsh Harrier and the Dwarf Heron. It is a well-known destination  for birdwatchers but if you are not into bird watching it a very pleasant walk on the one kilometer long wooden bridge which passes through the sea of reed.




The Banffy Castle is the largest castle in Transylvania and its origins date back to the 14th century. It belonged to the Banffy family, one of the most powerful five families that owned massive tracts of land in this region. The Castle is an architectonic baroque monument situated in the village of Bontida, 30 kilometers from Cluj-Napoca. Time wasn’t forgiving at all with this monument. During World War II the castle was used as a military hospital by the germans but when retreating they set it on fire and destroyed the library and stole the valuables.  The last owner of the castle, Miklos Banffy, found some of the paintings in an antique shop in Budapest. Under the communist regime the castle was neglected and it fell even more into ruins. The castle is now being restored under the patronage of Prince Charles.




Our itinerary starts in the commune of Apahida right near Cluj-Napoca. We’ll be arriving here with our minibus (as an alternative we can cycle from Cluj-Napoca to Apahida 12 km). We begin our tour with a little climb towards the village of Corpadea. After 9 kilometers we leave the main road and head towards the village of Gadalin. We are accompanied by a picturesque scenery all the way to Sic. Here we leave the bikes behind to enter the sea of green of the reed beds. Having visited the nature reserve and having worked out quite an appetite we’ll be heading to a pension outside Sic where we’ll  have lunch.  From Sic to the Banffy Castle we’ll be pedaling for 10 kilometers on a dirt road over a hill. Good thing we have mountain bikes. This will be the hardest part of our trip and depending on your training a little push-bike might be necessary. In Bontida we’ll be visiting the Castle and learn about its history. After the tour of the castle we’ll be heading back to Apahida on the valley of the Somes river. The first part of the road is only used by farmers to get their equipment into the fields so there will be no traffic at all. After we pass the village of Jucu we arrive at our finish point.

Here are some recent pictures from the tour:

If you wish to book this tour or have any questions don’t hesitate to send an email or call.


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